Meeting our community’s growth and needs with strategic vision and a whole lot of heart.

Ascension Seton Medical Center Austin is currently ranked #1 among regional hospitals. Our ranking can only be maintained if we continue to keep pace with breakthrough medical advancements, as well as the shifting demographic needs of our community. In rapidly-growing Central Texas, this means accelerating our investment in the technologies, facilities, and medical talent that keep us at the leading edge of exceptional care. For Ascension Seton Medical Center, the unprecedented growth in our community is both an opportunity and a challenge. We are tasked to serve many more people, but we do so in a thriving community that values talent and innovative breakthroughs. In Austin we expect the best and healthcare is no exception—we provide the best care to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay.

A History Of Firsts

Ascension Seton Medical Center Austin has led the region in healthcare innovation:

  • The first regional neonatal center in Central Texas for critically ill newborns.
  • The first and only hospital in Central Texas to perform heart transplants. One of the only with a robust patient assistance program to help patients with prescription costs, doctor co-pays and housing, among other needs.
  • One of the first two hospitals in Central Texas to receive the Gold Seal of Approval™ from The Joint Commission for Primary Stroke Centers.

The power of partnering with Dell Medical School

Our Priorities

Mother Baby

47% of mothers who deliver babies at Ascension Seton are under- and/or un-insured. Because of this, many cannot afford advanced care in other hospitals if complications arise. These mothers depend on Ascension Seton Medical Center Austin to deliver their babies even if they are one of the 352,600 high risk pregnancies which occur each year.

We are wholeheartedly advancing the level of care for our mothers and babies.


Heart Care

Our community is growing and aging rapidly. We anticipate a 15% increase in the number of potential patients over the age of 45 by the year 2023. Our Heart Institute is a regional leader in advanced care for heart failure. It is our obligation to stay ahead of our community’s growing need.

The need for our heart expertise is accelerating.


Breast Care

Every 2 minutes a woman is diagnosed with cancer and an early diagnosis can mean life or death. Currently, the high demand for our services means that some patients may have to wait up to 4-6 weeks to receive diagnostic imaging.

The lives of sisters, mothers, wives and daughters are at the very heart of our urgent need.


Excellence Fund

The number of medical practitioners is trending downwards. It is predicted there will be anywhere from 21,100-55,200 too few primary care physicians nationwide, by 2032. These sobering numbers combined with projected 9% regional growth, means we need to actively and wisely recruit and retain the best and brightest medical talent.

Let’s bring the best hearts and minds into our community.


Why Support Seton

Ascension Seton Medical Center Austin is more than just a hospital. It is a place of hope and healing. With the ever-changing face of healthcare, Ascension Seton remains true to our north star, to our mission and to the values of our founders.

Through the generosity of people like you, we remain focused on offering our patients a distinct path to healing and care. Some people might call it a more human experience. Others will say we are the safety-net of the community, taking care of patients when no one else will. There are many voices that make up the One Heartbeat of Ascension Seton, but we need you to keep that familiar rhythm going.

A Heart Care Story

A Breast Care Story

A Mother Baby Story