Elizabeth Ann Seton Board

The Elizabeth Ann Seton Board

WHO: The Elizabeth Ann Seton Board is a volunteer fundraising board dedicated to raising awareness and funds to support the mission of Ascension Seton. EASB is sponsored by the Ascension Seton Foundation.

WHY: The members of EASB support Mother/Baby Services and the Marialice Shivers Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), at The Kathryn Frances Walker Center for Neonatal Intensive Care & Family Support, at Ascension Seton Medical Center Austin through the board’s annual fundraising gala each Spring.

HOW: The EASB iconic outdoor fundraising gala event that includes live music, a casual dinner, and fabulous live and silent auctions.

Executive Committee

President: Alexandra Beck Reuvers
Past President: Genny Hill
Vice President: Natalie Kopp
Secretary: Lesley Ford
Treasurer: Christy Spencer
Membership: Emily Sayers
Nominations: Marni Duncan
Board Bonding: Kyndall Johnston & Sheridan Butler Binford
Gala Co-Chairs: Meredith Spears & Wesley Joseph


Alexandra Crawley
Amber Koehler
Anna Morris
Anne Cain
Anne Wiik
Ashley Victory
Audrey Zaffirini
Beth Bowers
Beth Ley
Callie Hester
Caroline Goehring
Caroline Spencer
Caron Hutchison
Carson Payton
Charli Anderson
Chelsea Holden
Chelsea Myers
Christina Allen
Claire Wilson
Claire Barton
Claire Hawley
Claire Money
Clare Frizzell
Courtney Schlegel
Dora Lee Little
Elizabeth Doughtie

Elizabeth Green
Erin Tice
Erin Wilson
Gabby Davidson
Ginny Holloway
Haley Hill
Hillary Deck
Jennah Granger
Jessica Pieratt
Jessica Starley
Jessica Carter
Jessica Stathos
Jo Cassandra Cuevas
Judith Jacobson
Kasandra Valentine
Kate Davy
Kate Reading
Katherine Crowley
Kathleen Pieratt
Katie Hodge
Katie Owen
Kellie Barrett
Kelly Ferguson
Kelsay Bentley
Kendall Hasie
Keri Walling

Kim Chappell
Kim McHale
Kristen Dillavou
Kumara Wilcoxon
Laurel Kuntz
Leslie Marcus
Lindsey Serrano
Lori McMullan Steeg
Maggie Marrs
Mallory Miller
Margaret Dabney
Meghan Freytag
Meghan Sayers
Meredith Reynolds
Michelle Zentner
Molly Jenkins
Molly Walker
Natalie Tucker
Shauna Sledge
Staley Moore
Stephanie Page
Vanessa McElwrath
Whitney Peschel

Our Impact

    Funds raised from the 2016, 2017 and 2018 galas have provided almost $3 million in vital equipment and building needs including new incubators and warmers for both NICU and Labor & Delivery. The 2018 gala also funded a new support program for NICU families.

    There is still a great need to provide the ASMCA Labor & Delivery and NICU teams the best resources and environment to care for the smallest members in our community and their families. Focusing on the NICU and mother/baby services at Ascension Seton Medical Center Austin continues to be a perfect fit for EASB!