Endowments & Endowed Positions

Creating a Long-Lasting Impact

All gifts to the Ascension Seton Foundation are vital to our mission, but endowments have a special impact as they create a permanent resource to advance our mission. Because Ascension Seton invests these gifts and spends only a portion of their earnings, when you create an endowment you provide impact to our healthcare system today and for generations to come.

Endowments are the ultimate source of long-term security for any organization. As the principal of an endowment is invested in perpetuity to grow over time and produce income, that income is distributed to support Ascension Seton hospitals for the purposes for which the endowment was established. Endowment funds are primarily used to: strengthen, expand and maintain healthcare services and programs; upgrade, modernize and acquire necessary medical equipment; maintain and modernize the facilities when needed; and attract and retain top talent, fund research and more.

Endowment Levels

Distinguished Chair

Established at $5M & Above
A Distinguished Chair endowment will support eminent physicians who are attracting exceptional physicians, residents and fellows to practice medicine at Ascension Seton. These physicians are visionaries who lead the way in their fields and are growing extraordinary programs to serve our community. A Distinguished Chair is the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a physician at Ascension Seton.


Established at $2M & Above
Chair holders are program leads who have distinguished themselves based on exceptional clinical experience, their vision to grow the programs they lead, and their ability to recruit and retain world class physicians.


Established at $500K & Above
Endowed Fellowships support the newest physicians in their fields. An endowed fellowship attracts the best and brightest minds to practice at Ascension Seton. As these new physicians complete their Fellowships with Ascension Seton, they conduct research, care for patients, train medical students, and so much more – all to the benefit of our community and the patients who need them.

Endowed Fellows Fund

Established at $25K & Above
These Funds provide the Fellowship programs with additional resources and flexibility for things like travel to conferences, medical mission trips abroad, and other projects. By helping Ascension Seton fellows participate in these educational opportunities, donors who establish an Endowed Fellows Fund take part in shaping the future of healthcare in Central Texas and beyond.

Named Endowment

Established at $25K & Above
A named endowment is a wonderful way to help ensure and sustain world-class healthcare for Central Texans. A one-time gift of $25,000 or more will seed a new endowment and will sustain Ascension Seton for generations to come. Newly created endowments may be named by the originating donor and designated to the donor-selected area of Ascension Seton.

If you would like to learn more or discuss an endowment gift, please contact Joel Rice, Executive Director, at [email protected]