A note from the family of a patient (names have been changed for privacy):

“…we were there from December 16 through probably January 16 of this past year after Luke’s scooter accident. By May, it had been almost 6 months since we had been back in the care of Dell, and after some highs and lows during that time-bopping between rehabs and hospitals- we arrived back at Dell with one big sigh of relief. Immediately we could each tell the care at Dell is so superior and thoughtful-just as we remembered. The people who work there have such great impact, on a personal level. From the nurses to the surgeons, the cleaning people!, and… the staff running the hospital are so wonderful. I will forever remember that there was one night in particular in December where we really needed to see “intentional” movement from Luke. We emphasized how important that was to us to his nurse at the shift change, and this young man- Paul- said he too was the “baby” of a big family (Luke is youngest of 6) and said he would work with him. And Luke did move, and I swear it’s those things- the attitude, the capacity, the intentionality and inspiration in those workers that makes a HUGE difference. When he checked out of Dell one of the nurses wrote a note to say how great they thought he was doing. So encouraging. These seemingly small gestures are just so powerful…It just felt like there was some stamp of assurance that we were right where we needed to be and being taken care of by exactly who was best. Anyway, it blessed my heart, and I hope it blesses yours to know how immensely grateful we are for all of the care that Luke has received at Dell.”

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