I want to take this time to say thank you. I know that these are difficult times for all of us but I can’t imagine the toll that is it is taking on you being in the front lines day in and day out! What you are experiencing and seeing is completely unprecedented and you are our heroes. I’m sure you don’t feel this way but you are. You are having to do things on the fly while exhausted and feeling helpless and maybe even frustrated that you can’t do more and have all the resources that you need.

Let me pray for you:
Father God, I thank you for each and every doctor, nurse and medical staff that is on the front lines giving everything they have to fight this virus and help each person. I pray for their personal safety, health, strength and protection. Give them the strength, wisdom and discernment to meet the need for each person that they encounter. Take care of their families during this time as they work hard and long hours away from those they love. Let us see the light and the end of this by providing the antivirus and having the virus end and die in its tracks. I pray also that you give them a restful and peaceful sleep when its their turn to rest.

Know that we see you and are so ever grateful for all that you are doing! Don’t give up. We are going to get past this!

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