I want to take a minute to complement the nursing staff that takes care of all patients. On March 12 th I was volunteering on 4 north and about 50 minutes into my service I had to go to the emergency room because of extreme pain in my back. I had a very good idea what it was, Kidney Stones. I was examined by your great staff of doctors and nurses. After a CT Scan and a MRI it showed stones in my left and right kidneys. My left kidney was the worse with a 13 and 15mm stones stuck in my urator. I also had a bad kidney infection due to the back up of the urine in my body. I was taken to the operating room for surgery to place stents in both kidneys. The nurses in the operating room and the doctor were fantastic. I was then admitted to 4 South and the wonderful nurses and PCT took over. I has a foley to relieve the pressure and it caused extreme pain. The night nurse, Rae Luna, was fantastic in caring for my pain and then in the morning the day nurse, Caliday, I might have forgotten her name took treat care of me during my 2.5 days I stayed in the facility. The smiles and caring attitude showed and was greatly appreciated. Like I stated earlier I volunteer on 4 North and enjoy my being able to help out and lighten their load. Nurse supervisor, Paul, Charge Nurse Angelica, nursing’s staff Angelica, Michelle, and all the others to include The PCT staff and the room cleaner are the best to volunteer with on the days I volunteer. To both staffs and the others nurses I say, May God be with you always. The lord tells us to help others to care for the sick and those that are in need. I cannot wait to get back when the emergency is over with and to see their smiling faces. God Bless Providence and the care given to who enter your facility. Jesus is always with us but at times we need to change our focus and pray for healing of the patients, care givers and management of the hospital. I pray this for all of you, in Jesus Christ Name………

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