I began my employment with Seton Hospital in Austin in March of 2000. I am still with Ascension and could not be more proud to work for such a wonderful, loving ministry. I am frequently reminded of the importance of the work we do for those that cannot do for themselves. While that work is of the utmost importance, above that is the Love of Christ I have always felt when doing my work. When I started with Seton, many of our wonderful Daughters were here, running the operations and never failing to take a moment to show the Love that is the basis for all we do. I was saddened to hear of your leaving, but understood that sacrifice is part of what makes our work so successful. I now work on a National team and work from home exclusively. I miss seeing co workers and the reminders of why we do what we do in the faces of our patient’s, families, healthcare staff and doctors.I was fortunate enough to purchase a Daughter of Charity doll a few years back. She sits right behind me on my shelf and I am comforted by her presence as we go through this difficult time. Thank you for all you do and have done. May God continue blessings on you all and keep you well.

Much love,

Teresa Williams

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