Dell offered hope beyond hope

When Harper suddenly grew lethargic and ill at the age of three months, a simple trip to the pediatrician ended with a leukemia diagnosis and a prognosis of a 10% chance of survival.

Harper’s prognosis set the Dell Children’s research team in motion. They quickly identified a new clinical trial that offered promise to Harper and, incredibly, within 24 hours they had the trial up and running. Harper was the first child enrolled in this international trial. She responded phenomenally well to the treatment and defied the odds. After eight months of ongoing treatment in the hospital, her leukemia is now in remission and the bubbly, happy girl within has emerged.

“I think hope, for us, was having Dell Children’s here in Austin. Being close to home and having family help was tremendously important. There is no question in my mind that Dell Children’s performed a miracle for our daughter and she’s with us today as a result.”

— Craig, Harper’s Father

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