Seton 1902 Society

Supporting Care in Austin

The Seton 1902 Society is an annual giving club comprised of community members who want to help sustain healthcare ministry. Your generosity allows Seton to embrace every person who walks through the doors with personalized, quality healthcare. Be part of the mission to improve the health and wellbeing of our community and help provide the most advanced level of care available to you and your loved ones.

The Seton 1902 Society includes individuals, businesses and foundations who donate $100 or more to The Seton Fund annually.* Recognition is based on the calendar year.

*Recognition in The Seton 1902 Society does not include event sponsorships, event or raffle tickets, auction purchases, in-kind donations or affiliate group annual gifts.


Benefit Levels

$100 – Supporter

$250 – Friend

  • Donor recognition on The Seton Fund website and in quarterly news email.
  • Subscription to The Seton Fund newsletter.
  • Become a Friend now!

$500 – Guardian

$1,000 – Champion

$5,000 – Patron

  • All benefits listed above.
  • Benefactor services to include valet parking, personal visit, etc.
  • Personal Behind-the-Scenes at any of our facilities.
  • Become a Patron now!

$10,000 – Visionary

All gifts included in The Seton 1902 Society are tax-deductible to the extent provided by law.

Seton continues the Catholic tradition of service established by our founders: Saint Vincent de Paul, Saint Louise de Marillac and Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton. Our mission inspires us to care for and improve the health of those we serve with a special concern for the poor and the vulnerable. We are called to be a sign of God’s unconditional love for all and believe that all persons by their creation are endowed with dignity.


Current Members

Special thanks to the following donors who have generously supported The Seton Fund this year. Your donations make it possible to continue our mission of providing care to those who need it and improving our community’s health and well-being.

Visionary $10,000+
Aetna Foundation
American General Life Insurance Company
Austin Community Foundation
Austin Radiological Association
Austin Regional Clinic. P.A.
Austin Wildcats Basketball, Inc.
Avon Foundation for Women
Carol & Charles Barnett
The Mr. & Mrs. Joe W. Bratcher Jr. Foundation
Buena Vista Foundation
Ann S. Butler
Capitol Anesthesiology Association
Clinical Pathology Associates
Arleigh & Hector De Leon
Michael & Susan Dell Foundation
Bill Dickson
The Sean, Joslyn, Sean-Karl, and Johanna Grace Dobson Foundation
Emergency Service Partners, L.P.
Emmis Austin Radio
Endeavor Real Estate Group
Susan & Gary S. Farmer
Four Seasons Hotel Austin
Jolynn & Gregg Free
Quen & Jesús Garza
Genotox Laboratories
Kendal & Kenneth Gladish, PhD
Health Alliance for Austin Musicians Fund
Andrew & Mary Ann Heller
Donna Stockton-Hicks & Steve Hicks
Hogg Foundation for Mental Health
Houston Endowment Inc.
Luci Baines Johnson & Ian Turpin
Tom & Helen Kouri
Ladies of Charity of Austin
Lola Wright Foundation
Lone Star Paralysis Foundation
Joe R. & Teresa Lorenzo Long
M.D. Anderson Foundation
Janis & Doug Maund
Tom & Kay McHorse
The Roy F. & Joann Cole Mitte Foundation
John E. & Kay Mooney
National Philanthropic Trust
Hayes Pitts
Sara & Dick Rathgeber
Peter Rieck
Candy Rogers
Rogers-O’Brien Construction
Amy & Kirk Rudy
Deborah & Richard Rudy
The Scanlan Foundation
Deborah Ann Scott Foundation
Shield-Ayres Foundation
Still Water Foundation
Claire & Carl Stuart
Texas Mamma Jamma Ride
Tocker Foundation
Eeric Truumees, MD
University Federal Credit Union
Sally & Dan Volney
Dr. Steven Warach & Dr. Mary Elizabeth Abreu
Sandra & Walter Wilkie
Tomi & Pete Winstead
Austin Alumnae Chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha
Nancy & Bruce Zimmerman
Patron $5,000+
Mary & Jerry Bell, Jr.
John Blazier
Deborah & Ronald Boultinghouse
Boxx Technologies
Lynn O. Carter
Surangi Widyaratne & Dilum Chandrasoma
Danielle & Brant Couch
Betty & Donald Cummins
Doctor’s Building Partnership, LTD
Lori Fey
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Finn Family Foundation, Inc.
Hern Family LTD Partnership
Paula Hundley
Philip R. Jonsson Foundation
Karen Kahan & MariBen Ramsey
KCL Foundation
Jill & J.R. Kraft
Wendi & Brian Kushner
Jane & Tim LaFrey
Susan Ablon Lubin & Barbara Ablon Soloman
Sarah & Jimmy Mansour
Matt’s El Rancho Restaurant
Shannon & Terry McDaniel
John C. Nelson
Valerie & Jeff Newberg
Mr. & Mrs. William P. O’Hara
Rt. Hon Sir Stanley Ohajuruka & Dr. Ugochi Ohajuruka
Corey Rhoden & Family
Raleigh R. Ross Trust
Julia & Ross Rathgeber
Margaret & Sam S. Roberts, III, MD
Santé Ventures
Jeanne Louise Sawyer Trust Estate
Carolyn & Charles D. Scarborough
Margaret & George J. Shia, DDS
Yvonne & Ken Shifrin
Stephanie Smith & Carla Burzyk
Stiletto Stampede
The Tecumseh Foundation
The Rachael & Ben Vaughan Foundation
Ventas Realty Limited Partnership
Senator Kirk & Liz Watson
Charlie & Jennifer Wood
Carol Elizabeth Wratten, MD
Champion $1,000+
ABC Bank
Ron & René Albee
Alexander Law Firm
Debbie & Dennis Angus
Susan & Geoff Armstrong
Amy & Wayne Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Barrett
Barshop & Oles Company
Edward Bastian
Bartlett Investments, Inc.
Joyce Batcheller
Vicki Batson
Bells International, Inc.
Janice & Stephen Benzel
Janice & William Berger
Caren L. Betz
Pamela K. Bommarito
Jeremy & Jennifer Boynton
Mindy Brooks
Jani G. Byrne
CA Technologies Matching Gifts Program
Michael Campbell
Capital Medical Clinic
Marsha & Tom Caven, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Cernosek
Faye Chai
June & Mark Chandler
Tiffany & Leon Chen
Jenise & Zachary Chipman, MD
Francisco and Graciela Cigarroa, MD
Marie & Joseph Cisper
Michelle & Alan Cline
Beth & Erik Cohen
Charlotte Hage Dalbey
Evelyn R. Darnell
Ann & Leonard Dolce, DDS
Claudia & Michael Dollen
Paul A. Dubiel
Charles Durant
Vanessa & Herbert Dyer
Burke T. Edwards
Andrew C. Elliott, Jr.
Enterprise Holding Foundation through Suzy’s Soldiers, on behalf of Longhorn Health Solutions
Dori & Joseph Flores
Amanda & Morris Foster
Matthew Fox, MD
Irene Foxhall
Freescale Employee Giving Campaign
Friedel Family Foundation by Lynne and Steve Gellman
Travis D. Froehlich
Thomas Gallagher
Giles Island Hunting Club, LLC
Janice & George Godwin
Paul M. Goertz
Margaret & Paul Gosselink
Lisa & Sandy Gottesman
Jennifer & Brad Greenblum
Guadalupe County Republican Party
Patti & Jack Gullahorn
Trish & Christopher Hartle
Hays C.I.S.D Lehman High School
Dr. Patricia A. Hayes & Judy Corder
Kate & Ty Henderson
Anna & Jason Herd
Paula & Dan Herd
Betty & Kelley Hewell
Patricia Hage Hirsh
Nicole Holt & Geronimo Rodriguez
Doug Hudson
Lacy Hunt, PhD
Hurley Miller Family Fund
Hyde Park Schools
IBM Employee Services Center
Carol Ikard
Alan R. Isaacson
Jay-Reese Contractors, Inc.
Ruth H. Johnson
Jim & Katie Kaighin
Kendra Scott Design, Inc.
Ann & J. Kevin Kilbane
Babette & Robert Laibovitz, MD
Adrienne & Edward Lallo
Patricia & William Lambert
LBJ Family Foundation
Margie & James Lindsey, MD
Liriano Family Foundation For Kids, Inc.
M.A.R. Global Services, Inc. through Suzy’s Soldiers
Karen & Chris Marks
Tom Martine
Richard E. McCabe Charitable Trust
Donna & Woody McCasland
JoAnne Midwikis
Ellen & Steve Miura
Douglas Morris
N.D. & Missy Moscoe
Colleen K. Mullins
Miriam & James Mulva, Jr,
Navias Family Foundation
Network for Good
Michael Nix, MD
Julie & Pat Oles
Patti O’Meara
Personal Administrators, Inc.
Pink Gloves Boxing – Austin
PlainsCapital Bank
Miriam & Mark Poag, MD
Sharon A. Dunn & Robert A. Prentice
Timothy M. Price
Shannon & David Pringle
Veneatra & Vernon Reid
Mr. & Mrs. Reynolds
Ann Marie Rowe
Antoinette L. Rowin
Kathryn & Clive Runnells, III
Schwab Charitable Fund
Jason & Elizabeth Seriff
Dr. Sarah Buttrey & Dr. Gregory Sheff
Allan Shivers, Jr.
Debra & Brian Shivers
Jane D. Sibley
Diane Singleton
Skyline Forming, Inc.
Patricia K. Sommer
Patricia Speier & Charles Woodruff
Robyn & Richard Sperling, MD
Dana Sprute, MD
Lilith H. Smullen
Melody D. Stark
Latifa & Harrison Stetler, MD
Bryan Stevenson
Eve Michaels & Robert Stoltz
Alan Tangen
Suzanne & Steven Taylor
THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser
The County of Burnet
The Tapestry Foundation of Mary & Thomas Borders
Sabrina Thomas-Brown
Topfer Family Foundation
Sydney O. Townsend
Transamerica Retirement Solutions
Audrey & W.G. Tucker
Upland Software, Inc.
Yvonne & Clifton VanDyke
Mary A. Viney
Kathleen & Ray Walther
Virginia & Trey Wattinger
Cheryl Williams
Willis Enterprises
Milly & Brad Whittington
Kari M. Wolf, MD
YourCause, LLC
Guardian $500+
Mary A. Abell
Sylvan & Anthony Pools
Austinuts, Inc
AW Media, Inc.
Margaret & Robert Ayres
Swati Babbar
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Mark Barner
Joseph Barry
Cecilia Blanford
Barbara Borman
Peggy Bradley
Hessie & Robert Brawley
Margie & John Brindley
Beth & James Brown, MD
Robin Brown
Patricia Brown-Singleton
Tamara Bryant
Donna & Bryan Budak
Sandra Bull
Annette Carlozzi & Dan Bullock
Serena Bumpus
Karen Burkman
Capitol Chevrolet, Inc.
Caplan Miller Events
Elaine & Donald Carlton, Ph D
Madeline & Philip Closmann
A. S. R. Cole
Holly & Peter Crosswell
Jennifer & Ashton Cumberbatch, Jr
Thomas Curry
Rebecca & Mark Davis
Cari Daugherty
Estrellita Doolin
Kent Ellington, MD
Susan & Robert Epstein
Facility Services of Austin
Katie Foarde
Charlotte Fox
Bethlyn Gerard
Christiane & Michael Gibbs
GlenCore LTD
Boone Goodgame, MD
Jeffrey Gregory
Holly Hall
Elizabeth Harrell
Denise & Gregory Hartman
Dealy & David Herndon
Maggie Huebner
Martie Huggins
Donna Ilseng
Jewish Communal Fund
Katherine Jones & Don Pitts
Peggy & Harold Katz
Jacqueline Marie Kerr, MD
Sandra & Stanley Knee
Grace Lambert
Joann & W.E. Langenbahn
Kim & William Lansford
Lead Commercial, LLC
Tsey-lin Lee
Sister Gertrude Levy, DC
Cheryl L. Lewallen
Colleen & Julian Lockwood
Lindsey & Chad Long
Reverend Jane D. Louis
Katie & Adam Love
Libby & Bruce Malone, MD
Chung Massey
Karen McAfee-Deckard
Tia McCurdy
Kerry Merritt
Beth Miller, MD
Jeanne Mitchell
Elizabeth Murrah
Heather & Jack Nelson
NSCI Group
Mary & Guy Oberg, II
Ginger Osgood
Stacie Otten, MD
Jane & Howard Parker
Carmen Perez
Elisabeth Potter, MD
Daniel Price
Cheryl Pullium
Daniel Quinn
Jane Rehme
Yolanda & Norberto Reyes
Andrew Rimovsky
Terri Roberts
Marianne & Martin Rochelle
Margaret & Joe Romano
Enid Ross
Sard Verbinnen & CO
Gail Schaefer
Brooke Scheibe
Amanda & Richard Schmidt
Peggy & Dean Singleton
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Smith
Judy Smith
Nancy & Wilburn Smith
Specialty Concrete
Lori Stallings-Sicard & Jean Sicard
Teakwood Management, LLC
Terry McDaniel and Company
Kathy & Tim Taylor
Jan & James Thomas
Diane & Daniel Vickers
Elaine Waterbury
Western States Fire Protection
Sandra White
Caren & Larry Wood
Cornelia & John Wood
Sheri & David Wright, MD
Maria Zapata
Friend $250+
Kathleen Abney Spelce
Caryn Abraham
Kelly Alberda, MD
Dicienda Amato
David Armstrong
Justin Arthrell
Teri Aslin
Penny Baker
Judy Ballard
Flordeliza Barkley
Bianca & Tom Bellavia
Terrell Benold, MD
Rahel Berhane, MD
Cecilia Berner
Ginny & Steve Booton
BP Fabric of America Fund
Michelle & George Breehl
Amanda Brooks
Gail & Timothy Buckley
Tiffany Campbell
Stefanie Cavanaugh
Bonni Chambers
Chez Zee
Pam Choate
Christopher Chomel
Oliver Cochran
Robin & Joseph Colvin, Sr
Margaret Cook
David Cripe
Steven Crow, MD
De Leon & Washburn
Carol Dettmann
Russell Douglass
Meredith Duncan
Larry Dupuis
Patricia Ehrlich
Micha Elliott
Carmencita Esteve
Sam B. Fason, MD
John Fassnacht
Kristen Filla
Angela Foltz
Foundation for the Homeless
Becky & Duane Fox
Taylor & Jeff Fry
Rudy Garcia
Donna & Richard Getz
Bridget & Jeff Glaser
Cynthia Glover
Michele Gonzalez
Elaine Goolsbey
Gail Gorman & John Fields
Earl Green, III
Jeanne Guy
Renee & Douglas Haas
Deborah Hajovsky
Sarah Hales
Carolyn Haynes
Helen Hernandez
Evie Hill
Russell Hoffman
Beverly & Kevin Holcomb
Betty Holmes & Frederick Bryan
Shereka Houston
Avril Hunter
Debra & Brett Hurt
Carolyn Harris Hynson
IBM International Foundation
Harold & Crary Jagger
Trina Jellison
JP Morgan Chase & Co.
Steve Kalvelage
Lonnie Karotkin-Taub & Albert Taub
Samuel Key, III, MD
Marilla King
Marilyn Klassen
Barbara & Mike Klepfer
Judith Knotts, MD
James Kolb
Kathy & James Kull
Robert Kunkel
Carol Lamb
Tina Leger
Eleanor Lerro
Lisa Levitus
Scott Lineberry
Michael Lipson
Dorothy Lirette
Evan Lobb
Lone Star Circle of Care
Gloria Lopez
Linda Lotz
Kelly Mahaney
Helen Maidment, MD & David Maidment
Marguerite Walling Butler Estate
Ada Martinez
Elizabeth Martinez
Sergio Martinez
Nancy Mastronardi
Monica & Gaylon Matous
Nancy & Nyle Maxwell
Craig McGreggor
Helen and Philip McKinstry
Michelle Meissner
Jennifer Miller
William Morse
Dianne Mountain
Maureen Nelson, MD
Lauren Nichols
Jeomsuk Owens
Marie Owens
Bridget Pagels
Janice Pierce
Michael Price
Paula & Steve Reynolds
Ann Riopel, MD
Olga Rivera
Carlos Rodriguez
Dabney & James Roe
Kristy Rosenacker
Kathryn Rutkowski
Charles Salerno
Mary & Charles Schmidt
Julie Seaborn
Holden Shannon
Mary & John Short
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
John Simpson
Carl Skulski
Keith Slaughter
Martha Smiley
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Smith
Joanne Smith
Skip Smith
Bruce Stein & Dorothy L. Crystal
Suzanne Stevenson
Elizabeth Sugars
Rhonda & Larry Tabbert
Lucie & Kent Taylor
Elizabeth & Patrick Thompson, MD
Betty Tipton
David Trappey
Tracy Triplett
Kay Troutt
Catherine & Bill Ullman
Michael Vasquez
Karen Walker
Kristina Walker
Della Wells-Harvey
Westlake United Methodist Church
Kelly Wheeler
Marnie Wheeler
Donna Wilder
Ladonna Williams
Dennis Wright
Mary Wright
Pat S. Yoder-Wise, MD
Supporter $100+
Woomera Abernathy
Jim Adams
Stephen Agatston
Alan Ritchey, Inc.
Sunya A. AlexMr. &
Buffy D. Allen
Tracy M. Allen
Lisa Alvarado
Flora Amaya
Michael Amaya
Ashley Amini
Wendy &Thomas Andreen
Sarah D. Arciniega
Shannon Armstrong
Patricia Ashley
Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc
Chris K. Attal
Erica Avedikian
Jennifer L. Ayres
Raul Baerga
Bobbe Bales
Kathy Balettie
James C. Barnett, IV
Alicia Barraza
Mr. & Mrs. Craig Barron
Robert Barton
Michael Basara
Kathy Bate
Lauren Bauml
Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Baxter
Debra Beeson
Loy Behrens
Alan Bell
Lisa Belli
Benevity Community Impact Fund
Leann Bennett
Elaine Benton
Gina Bergen
Mark Bergen
Judith Berkowitz
Beulah Mae Fuhrman Trust
Mr. & Mrs. Randolph Bias
David H. Bias
Julie & Bret Biggart
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Black
Ed H. Black
Fran M. Black
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Black, Jr
Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Blair
Deanna R. Blake
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bluntzer
Guy Bodine, III
Dr. & Mrs. Steven Booton
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew J. Boots, III
Jacque Borel
Shirley D. Borgmann
Melissa C. Bowen
Jim O. Boyce
Susan O. Bradshaw
Michael Breen & Stephanie Ann Hunter
Deborah T. Bright
Alicia A. Brink
Karen J. Brinkman
Liz & Erick Bronson
Mr. & Mrs. Clois E. Broome
Jeanne M. Broussard
Dr. Charles Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Jay Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Brown
Patti Brown
Jean Bryant
Kristi Bullock
Diane Burchard
Randell Burns
Lisa Burr
Laura A. Burton
Paul J. Bury, III
Tracey Bury
Sarah Bush
Elizabeth Bustamante
Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Butler
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen R. Butter, Jr
Mr. & Mrs. Sam Butterworth
Sarah Buttrey, MD
Lindsay J. Cagle
Donald Calabro
Mr. & Mrs. Wesley M. Callaway, III
Sharon B. Calvert-Johnson
Carol P. Calvin
Shirley M. Camp
Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Campbell, Jr
Mr. & Mrs. Jules D. Campbell, Jr
Nancy Campbell
Susan P. Campbell
Don Canada
Joe Canales
Catherine Canion
Gina Cannon
Capps Law Firm
Amber Carden
Jaime Cardinal
Donna Carl
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick D. Carmichael
Mr. & Mrs. Leon Carroll
Clay Carsner
Dr. & Mrs. Jack Carsner, MD
Sandra Cass
Agustina Castillo
Mr. & Mrs. Domingo Castillo
CJ & Nicole Cato
Carrie Cavanagh
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent D. Celentano
Laura Chapman
Sarah Chappell
Dr. Allison Chase
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry L. Chastain
Jennifer Chenault
Mary A. Chern
Rosanne C. Chiarello
Vivian Chigubu
Courtney Childers
Mr. & Mrs. Mabon Childs
Haemy Chung
Leslie Chunta
Cathy Clark
Mary Clark
Gregory W. Clay
Aleta J. Cleary
Lisa Clemons, MD
Cleveland Cofield
Harvey F. Cohen
Steve Cokins
John Cole
Joshua Cole
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory K. Collins
Victoria Collins
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur G. Colman
Col.& Mrs. Joseph B. Conboy
Mary L. Conley
Katherine A. Conway
Cecelia Cook
John Cooley
Brenda Coon
Mr. & Mrs. James K. Cooper
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Coopwood, Jr
Barbara D. Cosart
Kristin W. Cowden
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Cowden
Joan Cox
Linda M. Crawford-Jackson
Frederick J. Cremona
Anthony M. Cristofich
Tara Crosby
Christopher H. Cruce
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Curtis
Mr. & Mrs. Yann Curtis
Francesca M. Damiano Hammond
Daughters of Charity-Austin
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Davey
Diane Davidson
Lourdes Dejillo
Mark Dibiasio
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Dickey
Robert Dickman
Jacalyn Dielmann
Karen Diltz
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ditullio
Huong Do
John Donovan
Sherrie Dorow
Lori Dorsett
Mr. & Mrs. Kelly Dowell
Davida Dragon
Bonnie Drenik
Catherine T. Dube
Sarah Duncan
Betty Dunkerley
E3 Partners Ministry
Aaron K. Eckerdt, Sr
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Edwards
Laurence Egle
Brad Elliott
Mr. & Mrs. Laurence J. Elliott
Barbara Ellis
Deborah E. Embler
Phyllis England
Jessica Epstein
Dr. Susan Epstein
Amy & Randall Erben
Teresita Espinoza
Peggy J. Estes
Robyn D. Everett
Mr. & Mrs. Mark S. Ezell
Katherine Falterman
Sherry J. Fazzolari
Joseph A. Feather
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Feliu
Barbara Feliu
Ms. Francie Kelley & Mr. Quentin Fennessy
Teresa S. Ferguson
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Field
Dr. & Mrs. Jon P. Filardi
Mr. & Mrs. John R. Fincher
Lisa Finke
First National Bank
Julia & Laurens Fish, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. James D. Flanagin
Rande Fleitz
Sherri Fleming
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Fletcher
Debra Flores
Juanita Flores
Laura Flores
Focus Strategies, L.L.C.
Thresa Ford
Bennie Fore, III
Mr. & Mrs. Chester C. Foster
Gary Fowler
Mr. & Mrs. Steven O. Fox
Carol J. Foy
Sandra Freed
Kelly Frey
Janice Friend
Milton Gabler
Sam Gaffney-Mack
Cynthia L. Gallegos
Blake Gardiner
Norman G. Garon
Justin Garrett
Patrick D. Garrett
Dr.& Mrs. Paul Gaudin
Denise A. George
Cynthia Gersch
Jean Gershner
Edith Getchell
Kelly Gettig
Gibbs Mood Slaughter Jr. Estate
Gilbert Conservation Corp
Mr. & Mrs. Barry S. Gillingwater, II
Robert G. Girling, III
Mr. & Mrs. James Gjerset
Julie Goebel
Ruth Goebler
Stan Goldstein
Gloria Gonzales
Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Goolsbee
Mr. & Mrs. Joel Gough
Mr. & Mrs. Charles T. Granger
Bobbi J. Grantham
Robert Green
Jackie Greene
Teresa Griffin
Mr. & Mrs. Gary M. Grossenbacher
Kimberly A. Gudino
Maria G. Guerra
Thomas Gunder
Dr. Mark L. Gunn Mr. & Mrs. Dr. Holly C. Gunn
Marius Haas
Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Hagelberg
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hahn
Casey Hall
Luray Hall
Maria Hall
Walter Hall
Lauren Halpern
Mr. & Mrs. Jay A. Hanna
Kathryn Hansen
Mr. & Mrs. John Haralson
Jackey Hardeman
Linda Hart
Penny S. Hawver
Linda Haydon
Apryl & Robert Haynes
Patches Haynes
Tashauna Haynes
Jonathan Hecht
Robert Heiser
Jennifer Helm
Mr. & Mrs. Oscar A. Henicke, Jr
Mr. & Mrs. David Hennagin
Mr. & Mrs. Marion Hensley
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Herman
Carrie Hernandez
Maria D. R. Hernandez
Mr. & Mrs. Reid Hewlitt
Connie Hicks
Rick Hidell
Jane Hilfer
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Hill
Monika Hillis
George Hobbs
Kirsten M. Hodge
Julie Holly
Teri Holmstrom
Cornelia Hood
Dr. & Mrs. Andy Hooper
Jeanette Hope
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Horne
Leonard Horner
Paige Horton
Katherine Houck
Jennifer Houseton
Gregory Houston
Mr. & Mrs. Randy Howry
Mr. & Mrs. Ron Hruby
Philip Huang
Hunt Family Foundation
Martha Hurtado
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Husbands
Terry T. Huxford
Dr. Amy Imes
Antoinette Inglis
Joyce Inman
Patrick Jacklin
Mr. & Mrs. Don F. Jackson
Melissa Jackson
Adrienne Jacob
Denise Jacoby
Kathryn Jaroszewicz
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth M. Jastrow, II
Mark Jatzlau
Deborah Joyce Jaynes
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Jircik
Lori & Jim Johnson
Joseph Johnson
Merideth Jones
Sharon Jones
Jayna Judd
Mr. & Mrs. Russ Kampfe
Laura Kane
Mr. & Mrs. John Kapella
Lisa Kaufman
Karen Kawaja
Patty & Thomas Keel
Mr. & Mrs. Russell Keene
Pamela Keister
Audrey T. Kerbow
Dr. & Mrs. Bill Kessler
Mr. &Mrs. A. Ray Kilgore
Jennifer Kim
Leticia Kim
Melinda Kimmell
Mr. & Mrs. Charlie King
Margaret King
Richard H. Kinsey
Gayle Kirkpatrick
Judy Kitchens
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Klepfer
Mr. & Mrs. Reuben Kogut
Carmon Koile
Glenna Kraft
Nancy Krail
Aileen Krassner
Diana Krause
Laura LaChance
Timothy Lacy
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Lafair
Heilla Lain
Toni Lalonde
Carla Laos, MD
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Laughlin
Shawn Lavin
Maureen Lawry
Judy Leake
Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Lee
Don Legrand
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Leshin
Richard Leshin
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Levine
Mr. & Mrs. Sanford Levinson
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Levitan
Christy & Michael Levy
Mr. & Mrs. Derek Lewis
Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Lewis
Misty Lewis
Adrienne Leyva
Teresa Lidgey
Dr.& Mrs. Allen K. Lieberman
Guadalupe Limon
Linda Druss Discretionary Trust
Susan Lindell
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Lindt
Clyde R. Littlefield
Lloyd P. Lochridge, Jr. Revocable Trust
Rosario Lombardo
Isaac Loose
Nancy T. Lopresto
Ms. Sharon Y. Lowe & Mr. Dirk H. Buikema
Pam Lowthorp
Frances B. Lozano
Sally Lucksinger
Sonya Luechauer
Suzanne Luftig
Dr. & Mrs. John C. Luk
Jason V. Lumpkin
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Lundberg
Jan Lynn
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Mach
Mr. & Mrs. John Magee
Erica L. Magiera
Barbara Maicach
Karen Malka
Helen Marak-Walker
Troy Marcus
Maria R. Marek
Patricia Marquez
Marsha W. Milot Trust
Kristine Marshall
Beverly Martin
Sandra Martin
Carol Maslan
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Massaro
Laura Massaro
Adam Mathews
Phillip M. Mathis
Mr. & Mrs. Paul May
Arlene Maze
Mr. & Mrs. Keith McBurnett
Mr. &Mrs. E. Douglas McClain
Lauren Mccollough
Barbara McColm
Marilyn McCoy
Mary McDonald
Mr. & Mrs. David J. McDonough
Nancy McDow
Linda McFarland
Mr. & Mrs. James McGinity
Cathy Mchorse
Cynthia McKay
Anne McKinnon
Johanna McKinzey
Christopher McLaughlin
Beverly McMurrey
Mr. & Mrs. John G. McNally
Chris Mechem
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Meek, Jr
Divya N. Mehta
Celedonio Mejia
Barbara Mercer
LyAnn Merritt
Richard Metzger
Mr. & Mrs. Lee Meurer
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Micheletti
Randy Michna
Bradley A. Miller
Nicholas & Lisa Miller
Sandra Miller
Millicent Gale and Associates
Margaret Mirabal
Dr. & Mrs. H. C. Moeller, Jr
Crystal Montoya
Christopher Moore
Kurt Moore
Mary Moore
Moore-Tate Projects & Design, LLC
Ret. SGM Pablo S. Morales & Ivonne E. Morales
Diane & Clay Morgan
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Morris
Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Morrison
Amy & Adam Mosier
David & The Rev. Nancy Mossman
Marianne Mowry
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick L. Moyna
Marcie Moynihan
Melanie Muenchinger
George A. Mullins, IV
Joan Munsch
Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Murray
Syema Muzaffar
Mr. Mr. & Mrs. Mrs. Edwin T. Myers
Charles D. Nash, Jr
Chuck Nash Chevrolet
Jon Nash
Mr. & Mrs. David Nelson
De Anne L. Nelson
Nelson Puett Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Nesbitt
Amy Nguyen
Bruce Nichols
Yvonne Nichols
Mary A. Nickels
Northern Trust Bank
Mack J. Nunn & Jill Griffin
Mr. & Mrs. Joshua P. Oden, III
Mary Odom
Mayra Ordonez
Michelle & Rob Orlando
Donna Orsatti
Jennie Osgood
Vicki & William Osherow
Dr. & Mrs. Chuck Oswalt
Yvonne Otieno
Kathleen Otto
Mr. & Mrs. Dirk Ourston
Jessica Overgoner
Carol Owen
Jennifer Owens
Bernard Pappert
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick C. Paver
Marilyn Pearce
Cynthia Pearson
Laurlea Peczeniuk
Peter Peek
Della Pegolotti
Carol Peters
Dr. & Mrs. Michael Pfeifer
Andrew Phelps
Jackie R. Pichette
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Pitts, III
Suzy Politz
Mary C. Porter
Amy Potter
Elizabeth F. Powell
Barbara Presley
Andrea V. Prestridge
Sandra T. Price
Elizabeth Pruett
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Pruitt
Ashley & David Putman
Ashley Quach
Thomas Quigley
Mimi C. Quinn
Terry & Graham Quinn
Marily D. Rabkin
Ghassan Raheem
Ryan Ramagosa
Mr. & Mrs. Lou Ramery
Lee Ann Rathbun
Mandy Ratliff
Sara P. Ray
Mr. & Mrs. Jerome P. Reamer
Mary Lou Reaser
Diana D. Resnik
Juana Reyes
Mike Reynolds
Anitra Richardson
Mr. & Mrs. Doyle Riddle
Christy T. Risinger, MD
Mr. & Mrs. Milburn Rivers
Vickie H. Roan
Barbara Roberts
Brandon Roberts
Mr. & Mrs. Travis Robertson
Marianne M. Rochelle
Carmen S. Rodriguez
Sergio Rodriguez
Dabney R. Roe
Mr. & Mrs. Douglass Rogers
Laverne C. Rogers
Sandra L. Rollins
Leigh Romano
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey L. Rose
Rick Rosenberg
Mr. & Mrs. James Rougeou
Rountree and Kithcart Trust
Theresa K. Rucker
Patti Rudick
Katherine Runyon
Alexandra Russell
Connie Ryan
Phyllis Rydolph
Mary Jane Saikin
Krishna M. R. Saini
Chris Salas
Mr. & Mrs. Rafael Salinas
Abby & Mark Salter
Kristopher Sanchez
Betsy Sansom
Mr. & Mrs. Emile Sante
Elizabeth Santos
Ximena Sardan
Vickie W. Saucedo
Mr. & Mrs. John Sauder
Nancy H. Saylor
Dr. J. Todd Scharnberg & Betty Stuart
Cynthia Schiebel
Cara Schlegel
William Schloss
Mr. & Mrs. Horace Schneider
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Schneider
Kathy Schneider
Mr. & Mrs. John P. Schneider, Jr
Drs. Kimberly & S. M. Schocket
Schomburg Dozer Service
Kathy & Joe Schreiber
Julie & Robert Schriber
John Schroeder
Vickie Schubert
Barbara Schuetze
Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Scoggin
Rosie Seaborn
Helen Seals
Don Seaman
Veronica Segura
Karen Selim
Elizabeth & Jason Seriff
David Shackelford
Mr. & Mrs. Phoebe Sharkey
Raney L. Sharp
Steven E. Sharp
Otilia A. Shelton
Timothy L. Sherman
Cynthia Shiflet
Kevin Shinkle
Marilyn M. Shook
Dolly Shubert
Carrie Shuman
Becca & Scott Siegel
Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Simeroth
Frances Simpson
Jennifer Simpson
Dr. & Mrs. Suneet Singh
Mr. & Mrs. David A. Slater
Christine Sledge
Meghan & Christopher Slover
Allen Smith
Bryan C. Smith
Charles Smith
Christie Smith
Elora Smith
Lindsay & Ford Smith
Melissa Smith
John Smolen
Mr. & Mrs. Greg M. Smyrl
Melinda Snell
Dr. Robert Snider
Sharon E. Sodek
Lorie K. Solomon
Kathleen Soncrant
Kathryn A. Sonoda
Daniel Soto
Catherine B. Spranger
St. Edwards University
Mr. & Mrs. Vinton L. Stanfield
Mr. & Mrs. Jennings Steen
John Strickland
Mr. & Mrs. Greg Strmiska
Mr. & Mrs. James Sud
Mary J. Sullivan
Mr. & Mrs. George W. Sumers
Donald B. Sumner
Reid Sweet
Martha C. Talley
Dr. & Mrs. Mrs. Bert Tate
Patricia L. Tate
Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Theiss
Lorie Thibodeaux
Mr. & Mrs. Guy A. Thompson, Jr.
Kathleen Thompson
Ray Thompson
Jennifer Thomson
Richard Thomson
Betty Thornell
Sheron Tiller
Lela Jane Tinstman
Patricia Tollison
William Tomsu
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Tooley
Melissa Toth
Irene L. Travis
Teresa Trent
Dr. & Mrs. Elliot Trester, MD
Guadalupe I. Trevino
Mr. & Mrs. Ignacio Trevino
Barbara E. Tucker
Barbara R. Turley
James B. Turner
Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Turner
Sheila Twyman
United Way for Greater Austin
Jennifer Valencia
Letisha Valenzuela
Eddy Van Dyke
Kim Marie Vasek
Monica Vasquez
Priscilla Villalobos
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald L. Villarreal, Jr
Sarah Villarreal
Ross Vines
Dianne Walker
Frank M. Walker, Jr
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Walker
Mr. & Mrs.Steffen Waltz
Stephanie A. Warfield
Vincent Washington
Dr. & Mrs. Mrs. Michael Watkins
Donna Watson
Lucy & Phil Weber
Luther D. Webster, Jr
Sister Jean A. Wesselman, DC
Clint R. West
Dr. & Mrs. Mrs. Dale Wheelis
Mary A. Whicker
Dr. & Mrs. Stephen T. White
Eddie Whitley
Ineke Widjaja
Evelyn & Wyeth Wiedeman
James Wiersema
Karen Wiggins
Carla Wilkenfeld
Geraldine Wilkins
Nancy Willet
Donald Michael Williams, MD
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Wilsey
Geri Wilson
Kenny Wilson
Fleming M. Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. Phil Wilson
Rex Wise
Clif Wistner
Melissa Wolf
Daniel Womack
April Wood
Mr. & Mrs. John Wood
Dr. & Mrs. William A. Wroe, Jr
Man-li Yew
Timothy Yip
Nancy Yoch
Marion Young
Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Youngblood
YourCause, LLC Paying Agent for National Instruments
Karen Zabreznik
Charlene Zimmermann
Mr. & Mrs. Craig Zinn
Barry Zinz

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