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Community Champions

Thank you for your interest in supporting The Seton Fund.  Please download and complete the Community Champion application and return this form to The Seton Fund office for review and approval for using the Seton name. The Seton Fund affiliates itself with a few carefully selected promotions each year, and we will inform you of our decision in a timely manner. Thank you for choosing Seton!

The Seton Fund Policies for Community Champions

  1. Any fundraising event that involves the use of the Seton name in any way must be approved in advance by an authorized representative of The Seton Fund.
  2. The “Community Champions Form” must be completed, filed, and approved by The Seton Fund office before an event can occur.
  3. All advertising copy and promotional materials must be submitted to The Seton Fund for approval prior to production. This includes invitations, news releases, public service announcements, posters, banners and flyers, as well as any use of the Seton name or logo.
  4. Use of Seton’s name that in any way creates or implies liability for the event by the Seton Healthcare Family or its agent is prohibited. Only the phrases “benefiting xxx through The Seton Fund” or “proceeds to benefit Seton” – may be used in promotional materials, invitations or advertising copy. If only a portion of the proceeds from a promotion will be donated to Seton, this must be conveyed in all materials with the message “a portion of the proceeds to benefit Seton XXX ” or “ of the proceeds to benefit Seton XXX.” For example: “All proceeds raised will benefit The Seton Fund to support XXX.”
  5. The Seton Fund cannot assist with solicitation efforts for donations or volunteers.
  6. After the event, checks should be made payable to The Seton Fund and in the memo line, what is being supported. Proceeds must be sent to The Seton Fund office within 90 days after the event.

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