Each year, thousands of families in Central Texas receive the news no parent wants to hear—your child has a serious, life-threatening disease. For these families, the words that often follow are difficult: Your child’s best chance of survival lies elsewhere. Right now, care for patients in need of advanced, specialty care often means families have to juggle impractical and expensive long-distance travel or bi-city living for long periods of time. And these are the fortunate ones. For the 70% of Dell Children’s Medical Center patients who are un- or under-insured, life-saving care may be out of their reach. To us, this is simply unacceptable.


The number of days and nights our little patients have had to spend away from home and out of Austin seeking medical care

Dell Children’s wants to offer the best healthcare in the nation to our children, right here at home.

What will it take?

Investment in our leading advanced-care lines:

Heart CareBrain Care | Cancer Care

Patients in these services have spent more than 16,400 days and nights away from home in hospitals in other cities—our goal is to reduce that number to zero. By creating, building and growing three outstanding Centers of Excellence, we will connect exceptional medical practitioners to our little patients. These physicians will advance the practice of medicine, build stellar medical teams and do exceptional work on behalf of our children.

Three centers, one advanced facility

Existing space within Dell Children’s is at capacity. By building a new four-story, 161,000-square-foot facility connected to Dell Children’s, we will develop efficient Cardiovascular and Heart Surgery, Neurosciences, and Oncology/Hematology services alongside critical support services and specialty clinics. In addition to fostering innovative teamwork and advanced care, the facility will gather pediatric sub-specialists into close and efficient proximity. For little patients, this means eliminating multiple office visits and trips to Dell Children’s for tests and imaging.

Hear CareHeart Care: Texas Center for Pediatric and Congenital Heart Disease

In 2018, world-renowned pediatric heart surgeon, Dr. Charles Fraser, joined our team with the express purpose of building the best congenital heart program in the nation. Dr. Frasers’ team hit the ground running and is now well on its way to perform a record number of heart surgeries and soon will introduce Dell Children’s first heart transplants. Our goal is to make Dell Children’s the definitive destination for cardiovascular care, drawing patients from across the region, state and nation.

Brain CareBrain Care: Neurosciences Center of Excellence

Dell Children’s anticipates an 18% increase in the community’s need for neurological services over the next decade. At the same time, clinical and technological advances are expanding treatment options for our community. The recruitment of nationally renowned neurologist, Dr. E. Steve Roach, anticipates these challenges and opportunities. Dr. Roach will lead the way in establishing high-level care in neurosurgery, neurology, epilepsy and neuropsychology, as well as physical medicine and rehabilitation. Locating this Center of Excellence within the new facility will not only create synergies between service lines, it will establish a pediatric health ecosystem on the Dell Children’s campus that is truly distinguished from peer institutions in our immediate region.

Cancer Care: Children’s Blood and Cancer Center of Excellence

Children’s Blood and Cancer Center (CBCC) is currently the only cancer center in the region just for children. However, patients requiring a higher level of care must travel outside the region for services. For the CBCC to become the regional leader, clinic expansion and investments in advanced diagnostics and therapeutics are necessary. As a Center of Excellence, young patients will receive all care in one place, close to home, and our Oncology/Hematology specialists will build the foundation for a stem cell/bone marrow transplant program. Dell Children’s and Dell Medical School are jointly recruiting a distinguished Section Chief of Oncology/Hematology for this Center.

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