Willie with Headdress’ – 48” x 48”


Mixed Media

Anne Genung is a Texas-based artist who called Austin home for much of her life. Anne is most well-known for her “Willie” series, which is marked by a graphic use of color and references to pop culture under an often humorous guise. Each collaged work is first created with an aerosol stencil of his unmistakable features and then with only a palette of re-purposed paper becomes a commentary on Willie Nelson’s ability to transform himself and yet remain himself in various guises.

The work is inspired by a love of color, street art, and traditional portraiture. The overwhelming adoration of Willie Nelson however, beloved Texas figure and mascot to us “outlaw Texans” and gentle humans of the earth alike, is the true heart of the work.

Morning Sky’ – 16” x 20”


Oil on canvas

Lisa Beaman moved to Austin 25 years ago with her husband Joe, a native Texan who is the Chairman of the Mechanical Engineering Dept. at U.T. Austin. Lisa and Joe have four children.

In 1998 she began working with oil paint on canvas, and found the medium allowed her to immediately and directly express and apply her ideas. She studied the painterly techniques of the old masters, and employs a personal version of such techniques for an individualist approach to representational art.

Lisa’s work is characterized by a bold expression of subject matter, manifest through a rich use of color and tone, which creates texture and depth on the surface of the canvas. She continues to explore all kinds of subject matter including figures, still life, animals and landscapes.

‘Reverie No. 4’ – 30” x 44”


Watercolor on paper

Born and raised in Austin, TX, Nora studied Textile Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology before moving back home to pursue a Masters in Art Education. 

Nora works primarily with watercolors, often combined with marbling techniques, to explore resist processes on paper and canvas. Details are created with masking fluid and painted in layers of watercolor before the resist is removed to reveal the white surface.

Nora is inspired when researching symbolism and design motifs found in antique textiles and folk art. Her work also explores symmetry and highlights the commonalities that connect craft traditions from diverse cultures.

Gertrude’ – 40” x 40”


Limited edition (1/10), framed archival print

Randal Ford believes that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. He is obsessed with details, creative collaboration, and chasing a timeless aesthetic.

Ford’s works have appeared on the cover of Time Magazine, 20 different Texas Monthly covers, and the cover of Communication Arts. To name a few, Ford has been commissioned to create works for brands such as Anheuser Busch, Comcast, Frito Lay, LL Bean, Pepsi, Pfizer, Verizon, & Yeti.

Among other accolades, in 2015, 2016 and 2017 Ford was named one of the top 200 photographers by Lüerzers Archive. In 2017, his photographs were awarded 1st place and best of show in the International Photo Awards competition. In the fall of 2018 his photographs were published in the acclaimed 175-page coffee table book “Animal Kingdom” by renowned publisher Rizzoli New York.

Odalisque’ – 37.5” x 61.5”


Mixed media on canvas

Kelly O’Neal, an accomplished Dallas-based interior designer with a coterie of impressive  Dallas-ites for clients, is turning his aesthetic verve to the canvas. 

Blending modern sensibility with old world technique, O’Neal freely moves through centuries to craft a finished piece. His sense of color is unparalleled and his flair for composition apparent.

For O’Neal, contemporary art is an expression of the moment, captured as the brush hits canvas, expressed in an array of materials.

For the last 21 years, O’Neal has been the creative force behind Design Legacy, a celebrated home furnishings collection.  He earned a B.F.A. in the creative arts from University of North Texas. Raised in rural Texas, O’Neal accumulated his extensive knowledge of the arts from a life lived, through study and application, in pursuit of them.

‘Three Amigos’ – 28” x 36”


Limited edition signed archival pigment ink on fine art photo paper

Minta Maria (b.1982) is an artist and photographer based in Austin, TX. She received her MFA in Photography & Related Media from the School of Visual Arts in New York. The major themes that make up her work are the people, spaces, forms, and patterns of Texas culture. Her work has been nationally exhibited and collected.

Baby Love’ – 30” x 40”


Mixed media on canvas

Erin Donahue Tice is a self-taught abstract and contemporary artist. Following a 12-year career in corporate PR, she started painting after her second son was born as both a creative and therapeutic outlet.

Erin’s medium of choice is acrylics, but she also experiments with watercolors and pastels. She is drawn to the object nature of abstract art and loves the free-flowing nature of creating something unexpected. She especially loves the process of marrying interior design with art and is passionate about working hand-in-hand with designers and clients alike to create a statement.

Erin resides in Austin, TX, with her husband Bill and their two little boys, William and George.

Simoné’ – 33” x 37”


Oil on cardboard

Eldrid Kaplan is a retired Ob/Gyn who grew up in South Africa. He was a professor at the medical school in Johannesburg and the University of Texas Medical School in Houston. Eldrid was in private practice in Austin for many years, where he still currently resides.

Eldrid loves history, art, museums and family.

When An Hour Is Sixty Minutes’ – 36” x 48”


Mixed media on silk

Diane, a long time Austin resident, creates art that is informed by sights, sounds, nature, conversations, poetry, music, wise people, travel and culture in general. Her intent is to capture the sensation of what’s unseen – the feel of the wind, the warmth of the sun, the vastness of space and the room to explore. Sensations captured in paint.

Her work on canvas and wood panels involves multiple layers of paint – sometimes 15 or more. Each one builds on the other so that there’s an imbedded history, adding to complexity and mystery. In addition to the expected brushes and palette knives, her tools include a hammer, screwdriver, scraper, dowel, pens, inks, charcoal and even a brick.

Ultimately, her goal is to create visual poems for the viewer – a subject to be studied first by the “loud conversation” from across the room where the piece first attracts attention and then to a “quiet conversation” full of nuance and detail for the closer view.

Diane says of her donated work, “As I was painting, my thoughts were about slowing down and paying attention to all that surrounds us, all the time. Then, serendipitously I heard an interview with Matthew McConaughey as he riffed on the many reasons he likes living in Austin versus other fast-paced locales. This paraphrased title was one in his long list. I look forward to the sale of the piece going towards such a wonderful cause!”

American Bison’ – 12” x 48”


Charcoal and graphite drawing on birch cradle board

A Native Texan, Crystal Orlando currently resides an hour North of Austin. Her love of animals is portrayed by dramatic, masterful drawings that have become world renown.

Crystal is an avid outdoorswoman, spending a great deal of time studying animals in their natural habitats. She is also an accomplished equestrian, now retired from many years of training horses in multiple disciplines.

One of her main goals in life is to become one of the greatest pencil artists in the world. She is making leaps and bounds toward achieving this. Her work has won many awards and hung in solo, group and museum shows since 2012. In 2018, Orlando joined the international art company Art London Dubai, owned and curated by London’s Royal Artist Darren Baker. Orlando is also represented by Griffith Fine Art Gallery in Salado, Texas, and 307 Jackson in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Mother and Child’ – 36” x 36”


Acrylic painting on canvas

Raised in Corpus Christi, Wendy developed a love for art, water and the beach at a very young age. She attended Texas Christian University, where she earned a Bachelors degree in Fine Art, and now lives in Austin as a full-time artist.

Her art is inspired by light, color, movement, relationships, and finding joy in all things, even in more challenging situations. Wendy is obsessed with watching water move and is especially intrigued by God’s gift of grace and forgiveness that He pours over us. In all subject matters, she explores the relationship of color and movement in abstract compositions.

As a former Seton NICU parent, Wendy made this piece especially for EASB. ‘Mother and Child’ is an abstract painting depicting the blessings of unconditional love, security, and joy between a mother and child.

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