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We encourage our community to use this platform to share personal stories or any kind words that you have for the Daughters of Charity. Perhaps what they meant to you or how they changed your perspective on an issue. And, for those of you who are new to our community, this is a wonderful opportunity to get first-hand knowledge of who the Daughters are and what they represent.

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Here at SMCA, we still

Here at SMCA, we still say “We miss the nuns!” Before you left, you assured us that it was always in the plan that one day you would leave our hospital. You comforted us by telling us that the mission was alive and well in all of us, and that we would continue the work that you started. I want you to know that your healing mission IS alive and well, and that it’s our honor and privilege to carry forward the good work that you inspired so much. Mission-driven hospitals are special, and SMCA is a truly special place, where employees stay a long time. Many of us remember you personally, and thank you for your years of service, and your legacy that continues.

Suzanne LaPinta

Sister C said something at

Sister C said something at my orientation 5 years ago, that has stayed with me. She said always smile and speak to anyone that you meet because you never know what that person is going through and you may be the only bright star in the life at that moment. God Bless all the sisters and their work they have done.

Paula Dunlap

Thank you Daughters of Charity

Thank you Daughters of Charity and especially, Sr Cecile for all your time, prayers and compassion that you have shown over the years you were here at Providence, I truly feel that I would not be the mother that I am today without Sr Cecile. Her constant prayer and encouragement through good and bad times helped me become the woman and mother that I am today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Sr C. You are greatly missed.

Tracy Kramer

I was only here at

I was only here at Providence for about 3 years when the Sisters left the hallways. I never realized before then what a comfort it was to me when I saw you all. Just knowing you all were here brought a sense of peace and nostalgia. The only other time I got to be around the nuns was from my catechism days when I was a child in west Tx, and the nuns would come in the summer to help teach us. I’ve always wanted to share those thoughts with the Sisters and am thankful for this opportunity to do so.
May God Keep You Close to him, and Thank you for all of your contributions to our community.
KN Ochoa


What a wonderful organizations.

What a wonderful organizations. Thank you for the time and care you give to the patients, staff and loved ones of Seton.

Carol Ann Sandlin

I am proud to be

I am proud to be part of a legacy that started with women of such integrity.

Donnie Jones

I have had an almost

I have had an almost 40 relationship with the Daughters of Charity starting back in 1982 at Holy Cross Hospital when St Joan was the administrator.
Their home where they all lived was a few blocks from my own and I was often called upon to share a ride with she or Sister Philomena.
I will never forget those rides in my two door sports car.
I later had the privilege of friendship with Sister Beatrice Broussard, I never saw a time that she did not have a smile on her face, her wit and honor sustain me to this day. I often repeat funny quotes she used to say about aging and just life in general.
I believe these strong snd dedicated women are still with us in the halls of Seton Medical Center. I still feel their presence. They are gone but not forgotten.

Paula Alamia

Thank you for your continue

Thank you for your continue support for Seton McCarthy and your commitment to help the poor and unfunded population.
Our patients are extremely appreciative of All the medical services they receive.
God bless you and take care

Roger Ibanez

Thank you so very much

Thank you so very much for your mission legacy! Your mission is now our mission and your strong commitment to the mission has kept our eye firmly on the road to serving the poor and vulnerable! Mission and Margin go hand in hand. Thank you for your loving care to keep us Christ centered as we serve all that are in need of a loving Saviors hands to heal them through our skin.

Much Agape!

Sue Wilmot

Thank you for all of

Thank you for all of your dedication to this Ministry and to the Mission over the years! It is because of you, your messages and dedication, and the Mission that I continue to love and appreciate being a part of this organization and something bigger in the name of patient care and community.

Thank you for all you do and continue to do and know you are in our thoughts during these times.


Lisa A Triesch

Lisa Triesch

It’s been over 12 years

It’s been over 12 years since I worked at Seton, but I still think back fondly on all my interactions with the Daughters who served at the various network hospitals. So many wonderful people and memories, but if I had to make one special call-out, it would be to Sr. Beatrice Broussard, who I worked with closely during her years as a patient representative. Her humanity, compassion, humility, and sense of humor never flagged, even in the face of uncertainty, stress and conflict. So many people (staff, patients and family members) were soothed and comforted by her calmness and cheerful common sense. I learned so much from her, and I will never forget her.

Mia Burton

I have had a great

I have had a great relationship with Daughters of Charity I have had an honor and privilege to have worked with several of them since I joined Seton back in 1996, I have had the pleasure to have work with Sr. Nannette may she rest in peace, the other Daughter of Charity is Sister Jean Wesselman, I missed her so much when she left we kept in touch when she was moved over to Seton Southwest. I witness the wonder love and care she gave to our patients at Seton Medical Center, I worked along side her when I was working in the Chaplains Department, she and I worked together for 6 years. I miss her dearly, my continued prayers to the Daughters of Charity. The sisters were a great impact to all of us
Thank you for all the hard work, love and caring you offer to all of the Associates and Patients throughout the years.
God Bless the Daughters of Charity

Maria G. Castillo

It has been an honor

It has been an honor and a privilege to work alongside the Daughters of Charity. Sister Helen and I worked together for many years. I will be ever grateful for all that she taught me and for helping me understand the meaning of success.

“That Woman is a Success . . . who loves life and lives it to the fullest; who has discovered and shared the strengths and talents that are uniquely her own; who puts her best into each task and leaves each situation better than she found it; who seeks and finds that which is beautiful in all people. . . and all things; whose heart is full of love and warm with compassion; who has found joy in living and peace within herself.”

God bless.

Shannon Whitehead

I started with Seton back

I started with Seton back in 1988 and remember the impact having the Daughters of Charity at meetings and checking on staff in the hallway. It meant a lot to me to work for a place that had a mission to treat every patient and visitor as if they were Christ himself. I have always felt called to nursing and to start my nursing career in a holy place was a great start. I have left and come back three times now. Best move every time. Thank you sisters for your strength, dedication and leadership. I know I have missed it and glad Ascension still kept the mission. Things change but the bottom line is how do we care for our patients with Christ as the example. Please continue to pray for us as we pray for you.

Rachel Vernon

Good Day Sisters! I am

Good Day Sisters! I am so happy to hear from you! I began my career at Seton Medical Center in 1980; Sister Mary Rose was the Administrator. I worked alongside many of you over the years. You taught me so much. Sister Teresa- I miss your leadership and sense of humor! At the beginning of the COVID -19 pandemic I was thrown back to 2006 when we worked on a pandemic plan at Dell Children’s Medical Center. At the time it was difficult to imagine we would ever have to implement that plan. The Daughters were always forward thinking. I feel so Blessed to have been lead to the Daughters of Charity Mission. Stay well, stay safe. You are loved and remembered fondly.
Thank you for a great career.

Cheryl Timmins

The statement, Work is Love

The statement, Work is Love Made Visible, was written by Kahlil Gibran, in his 1923 book, The Prophet. We thank you, dear sisters, for modeling and living out your love through your work.
Blessings and gratitude to you all ( y’all) !!!

John Fassnacht

I started working at Seton

I started working at Seton in 2010, and though I never had the honor of meeting any of you personally, I am proud to continue to work for an organization whose foundation you laid and whose mission is service. Having been taught by nuns, I know that the many beautiful messages you are receiving are due to the fact that your mere presence radiates God’s love, softening even the hardest of hearts. Thank you Dear Ones, for your life of sacrifice, and for showing us what it means to be Christ’s hands and feet. It’s the greatest of lessons.

Debbie L.

I had the pleasure of

I had the pleasure of working with Sister Gertrude, Sister Helen, Sister Nannette and Sister Jean, at Ascension Seton Medical Center is Austin. Wonderful to see this beautiful photo.
The team is working hard and you would be so proud of the legacy you have created with the Team’s commitment to the Mission of caring for the poor and vulnerable.
We know you are praying for us and that God will sustain us. We are praying for you too!
Frances Simpson

Frances Wood Simpson

Daughters, thank you for your

Daughters, thank you for your support and everything that you do for our community! Provided this is a difficult time, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we will do the same. I look forward to perhaps working with you all one day in the future!

Andy Reyna

Thank you all for believing

Thank you all for believing in those we serve. Your hard work and caring provide me inspiration through this difficult time of the pandemic. I am able to rejuvenate by reflecting on all of your accomplishments and aspirations.
Sending my love and a great big hug!

Susan Ringstaff

May God bless each and

May God bless each and every sweet face represented here! I thank you for your devotion to our Beloved Savior as witnessed by your sacrificial acts of service. What an inspiration is such a dark world!

Karisa Stancil

As a child of a

As a child of a single mother, the Daughters of Charity have always been a cornerstone of my personal life. From kindergarten at St. Francis on the Brazos, to St. Mary’s Waco, and on to Reicher High School, I have been influenced by Franciscan nuns and Daughters of charity my entire life. They were there when my mom had to work late to pick us up. I was young and remember being the last at school. We would go to their living quarters and have dinner with them until mom arrived, just my sister and I. Sr. Pauline, Sr. Barbara, Sr. Catherine were all in kindergarten. They made us feel special and never guilted my mom for running a little late. I will forever be thankful for that. Attending St. Mary’s, I remember Sr. Teresa working on reading with me on the third floor and insisting that I could continue to improve with every essay. Sr. Kenneth at St. Mary’s was also, very special to me. Her demand for respect is something that I try to remember all the time. The respect she received was from the sternness and kindness she showed every student. There were no students less in her favor, than any other. “You have one day left on your Saint Reports this week, make sure your crest is correct for your Saint”. “Don’t put your rear end on the pew while kneeling”, “Do not rock back and forth in church, you will make someone sea sick”. “There are five blows on a kleenex, four corners and the middle”. Her words replay in my mind, daily.
At Reicher, there were Sr. Brigid, Sr. Sara, who reminded us, “I wasn’t always a nun”, and my favorite, Sr. Natalie. We had the most fun in so many of her classes that I remember, as seniors we excitedly told the underclassmen to stop the “Vulture put-downs” and they wouldn’t have a clue of what we were talking about until they were older and got their experience with Sr. Natalie. I enjoyed eighteen years of these women who chose to dedicate their lives to God and embrace everyone they encountered with His grace. Ladies who accepted a calling to service in Christ so that He may influence the lives of others thru their hands and teachings. While I cannot ever be as strong as they are, I want them to understand that the gifts they offered were received by me, over a lifetime of love and dedication I will never take for granted.
After High school I stepped away from God. I honestly felt, I’ve been raised in Christ, he doesn’t leave me, even if I turn from Him. And boy, did I turn completely from him. I knew He was there but gave up on constantly being involved. Just like all my sisters taught me, He would never give up on me. It didn’t take too long until I understood where I belonged. When I felt alone, I knew where my home was and I went back. Providence Waco was where I belonged in my adult life at that time. I knew the loving charity, service, reverence and blessings were there and that was my home. The core values at Providence were my life goals since youth. Here is where I found Sr. Cecile and I saw the love that had cared for me, my whole life. I watched her spread her love over everyone she happened upon and I received it every time. I celebrated 20 years at Providence this year and it carries a lifetime of teachings of love and service from the values of the Daughters of Charity. It passes on from me now, to my children and I am as proud of them as I know the Daughters, involved in my life, are of me. Your love, kindness, service and commitment is passed on thru all the souls you have inspired. My heart is filled with love and emotion remembering you all, today. I am infinitely thankful for you and proud to be, forever, one of your students.

Joe Gomez

Thank you Daughters of Charity

Thank you Daughters of Charity for entrusting us with continuing on the mission and vision of the work all of you started and continue to do. We don’t take the calling lightly and are blessed to do it in a place like Ascension. I will say we miss seeing our beloved Sister C around Ascension Providence and certainly could use some of her humor some days. Sister C, you made morning huddles quite the event and always put a smile on everyone’s face! You are dearly loved. Blessings to you!

Katrina George

Just a note to say

Just a note to say how proud and what an honor and how inspirational working with the Daughters over the years has been.
i have had privilege of working with many of the Daughters. Actually Sr. Philomena was the first one I met before she moved. Then Sr. Beatrice, Sr. Joan Sr. Mary Anne, Sr. Jean, Sr. Gertrude. When I worked on the units with the patients they always looked forward to your visits and said it gave them hope to see you walking through the halls of the facilities.
So please know your presence was felt and is truly missed. Please stay safe and healthy.

Debbie Engstrom

The smiling face of Teresa

The smiling face of Teresa George was the first one I saw – and then the realization of all of the others, all smiling directly at me and I instantly felt uplifted. How I miss the sisters as part of our daily work lives in the trenches here with us!! Just knowing they are still thinking of us and continuing in their work makes my heart glad. (:

Gina Cannary

I enjoyed being around these

I enjoyed being around these Sisters. I was very sad to see them leave. Thank you for all you did and May God Bless each of YOU and keep you SAFE. LOVE YOU LADIES.

connie krietemeyer

Thank you for your gifts

Thank you for your gifts to this community and for inspiring others to share their gifts now. Hope you all are well and taking care of yourselves!

With deep respect and admiration,

Ana Drummond
3 Central DCMC

Ana Drummond

I have worked for Ascension

I have worked for Ascension Seton in Texas since 1984 and have many fond memories of our Sisters in action and service. I still use a DCHSA (Daughters of Charity Healthcare Services Austin) key chain for my work keys. I appreciate the calm guidance, wisdom and support from all the Sisters, most especially Sisters Gertrude, Jean and Theresa. Through their dedication, kind an calm approach – ever empathetic – they helped lead by example. As I know the Sisters pray for all of us, I too, pray for their continued well-being. You are loved.

Debbie Flores

Thank you all for the

Thank you all for the legacy you have left for us in Central Texas! We are blessed by your vision, dedication, and willingness to entrust us with furthering the ministry that you started. I am forever grateful to have known many of you through the years! The example and mentorship of several of you have guided my vocation and understanding of service. You are all in my thoughts and prayers during this COVID19 Pandemic. God’s Blessing and Peace,

Regina Bethune

Your smiling face is missed

Your smiling face is missed so much at Providence. The halls are not the same without you. Sister C, I was blessed with you in my life for just a few years.

I pray you are safe during this pandemic.

Love Always,
Carol Strength

Carol Strength

So great to “see” you

So great to “see” you all in this photo! My good friend Lisa Butterworth and I speak of you all often with love in our hearts. Your impact on us has helped us so much as we navigate this difficult year. Sr. JT! What an honor to have worked with you in Insure-A-Kid. Missing you and hoping to see you soon.
May God continue to bless you all! Nora Lopez

Nora Lopez

Thank you ladies for your

Thank you ladies for your service. We miss seeing you daily in our facilities. Your compassion and work is appreciated!

Nona Mason

Dear Sisters:I only met a

Dear Sisters:
I only met a couple of you once or twice and very briefly, but feel very blessed to have been in your presence of peace and compassion.
Whenever I feel overwhelmed and compassion-fatigued, I find inspiration and strength to continue through your mission values.

In Him,
Torine Pate

Torine Pate

Thank you Daughters of Charity

Thank you Daughters of Charity for your contributions to the communities ,reading the wonderful massages about your believe in the miracle of medicine and devotion to all has inspirited me in many ways. I am respectfully grateful. May the favor of God Almighty be on you and your families.

Moinya Rogers

Moinya Rogers

The work you have done

The work you have done will reverberate across many locations/facilities and for many years to come. God Bless.

Anne Kennedy

It was an honor and

It was an honor and privilege to work with the following Sisters in the Austin market: Sr. Helen, Sr. Gertrude, Sr. Joann, Sr. Nannette, and Sr. Catherine. Your devotion to the Austin ministry inspired our healthcare teams to provide the best care possible to the unfunded patients at the Seton Community Health Clinics.

Thank you and God Bless…

Jim Thomas

Thank you DOC for seeing

Thank you DOC for seeing a vision in early 1900s and starting the Sanitarium in Waco, TX. Sister C led by example in our Mission- to serve the poor. She always had a smile on her face and a heart for people. Miss seeing you in the halls! Diana

Diana Dziedzic RN Providence 3 South then Cardiology 32 years

Thank you Daughters of Charity

Thank you Daughters of Charity for all the love and support for our hospital and our community. You have touched and saved so many lives and I prayed to God for his favors upon each and everyone of you and your families.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Vendella Fuimaono
Behaivoral Health Technician
Dells Children Medical Center (Ascension, Austin Texas)

Vendella Fuimaono

Thank you so much for

Thank you so much for believing in the miracle of medicine and devoting your live to the cause. I am enterally grateful.

Melissa Mooney

Catholic healthcare is a true

Catholic healthcare is a true backbone of our nations health care system. We are blessed to have the sisters who unselfishly and with great personal investment established a network of faith based hospitals across our great county. So congratulations and many thanks to the Daughters of Charity and all religious orders who have laid the ground work so that we may continue in their footsteps and hold up the incredible legacy dedicated to the healing ministry of Christ.

Joan Ross

Thank you for all that

Thank you for all that you do Sister JT! Miss seeing you and your smile at work functions.

Leticia Villela Smith

Thank you so much for

Thank you so much for the important work you do. You have touched so many lives and are truly an inspiration!

Jennifer Novit

This group of ladies will

This group of ladies will forever be in my mind when I need an example of a strong women with a mission in life. The examples are many, from passing Sr Pat in the halls of DCMC, to Sr Nannette at mass at DCMC, Sr JoAnn with her strength and insight in the design of our chapel, Sr. Hellen always greeting us with a smile, and Sr T with her sense of humor and ability to go to war when needed!

Many a night I would send an email to one of the nuns asking advice, direction or just a plea for help! Always got an answer, not necessarily what I wanted but always what was needed.

I consider myself very lucky to have worked alongside this group of women, will carry their examples with me every day.

Miss them more than I can put into words, we are here today because of them!

Mary Frasher

Mary Frasher

Thank you for all that

Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for our hospitals and our community! May God continue to bless you all.

Shellie Loxterkamp

Thank you for your unprecedented

Thank you for your unprecedented encouragement near and far. The daughters of Charity have been an unwavering symbol of faith and hope. I rely on this example to follow and serve daily. It is that faith that keeps me going daily.
Thank you again

Caroline Saldana Domin

i have fond memories of

i have fond memories of having the Daughters of Charity as teachers in elementary school…St Dominic’s in Baltimore, MD. I was fortunate, indeed, to have spent 8 years with them as my mentors/ Those women certainly had a profound influence on me. I currently work PRN in Radiology Department (Scheduler) at Ascension Seton Highland Lakes in Burnet, TX.

Sheila Burke Nunnally

Thank you Daughters of Charity

Thank you Daughters of Charity for all that you do to contribute, advice and prayers. I have worked for Ascension/Seton Highland Lakes for 4 years, it is such a wonderful place to work. It is such a blessing in this day and time to be able to work for an organization that still places emphasis on faith, hope and charity. I know that some of you have been more home bound during this pandemic but we know that you are uplifting us in prayers as we do our daily jobs. Thank you.

Glena Burkes

I knew of Sister Cecile

I knew of Sister Cecile Matushek probably around 4 years prior to my employment at Providence in Waco. Prior to that I worked at K-Mart Pharmacy until the Waco K-Mart closed. While at K-Mart we filled prescriptions for both nursing homes and individuals. There was a subset of patients that were on maintenance medication that they could not afford. I remember sending bills for these prescriptions to the “AGAPE fund care of Sister Cecile Matushek.” This program is still in place today and continues to help those in need.

After I started at Providence I met Sister Cecile and was honored to be able to work with her for some 13 years. For a good part of my tenure I held the horary title of “Tech Support for the Sisters” at their house on Colcord and later at their house near the “new” hospital. Sister C. was a guest at my wedding in 2015 and a close friend of my wife and myself still though the distance makes keeping in touch a little more difficult than walking down the hall! I wish her and all the Sisters well in St. Louis.


Drew Dickenson

Thank you to all of

Thank you to all of the wonderful Daughters who have prayed for all of the associates and patients of our ministries. Your examples of love and unwavering faith are carried with us each and every day.

To our precious Sister Cecile aka “Mama C”- we love and you miss you dearly!!!! Thank you for keeping us in your prayers.

Kayla Sehon

The faith-based healthcare Ascension Seton

The faith-based healthcare Ascension Seton provides was the driving factor in my decision to start my career here at Dell Children’s 3 years ago. Your reach is beyond your sight. I am truly thankful for each of you.

Olivia Llana

I have been with Seton

I have been with Seton since 1977 when Sister Mary Rose was the Administrator for the “New” Seton on 38th street that had only been open a couple years and was the only site. I was always so happy to see the Sisters in our hallways stopping to talk to patients and staff. They are very badly missed! Sister Jean and Sister Gertrude were the two I saw and worked with the most. They were an inspiration to us all! Miss you Sisters!!

Yvonne Koi

I am truly honored to

I am truly honored to share in the mission and vision of Ascension Texas. Your dedication in the service of the most vulnerable in our community is an inspiration and impetus for me to extend this service outside my comfort zones. Thank you for your example.

Vicky Adion

I began my employment with

I began my employment with Seton Hospital in Austin in March of 2000. I am still with Ascension and could not be more proud to work for such a wonderful, loving ministry. I am frequently reminded of the importance of the work we do for those that cannot do for themselves. While that work is of the utmost importance, above that is the Love of Christ I have always felt when doing my work. When I started with Seton, many of our wonderful Daughters were here, running the operations and never failing to take a moment to show the Love that is the basis for all we do. I was saddened to hear of your leaving, but understood that sacrifice is part of what makes our work so successful. I now work on a National team and work from home exclusively. I miss seeing co workers and the reminders of why we do what we do in the faces of our patient’s, families, healthcare staff and doctors.I was fortunate enough to purchase a Daughter of Charity doll a few years back. She sits right behind me on my shelf and I am comforted by her presence as we go through this difficult time. Thank you for all you do and have done. May God continue blessings on you all and keep you well.

Much love,

Teresa Williams

Teresa Williams

Thank you for all you

Thank you for all you have done for so many. I miss seeing the Daughters in our facilities, especially Sister T here at Dell Children’s. She did a remarkable job growing this facility and making it what it is today. We miss you and you are all remembered fondly here and spoken of often!
God bless you all!

Lisa Dean

I think of you all

I think of you all often. Life here is different but the values you practiced and role modeled daily remain in our hearts and in our actions.
We all work in healthcare because of our fellow man. Trying to make better their lives and existence. These are reasons why I remain in nursing and
like to believe I follow in the pathways you created.

Being a Catholic meant working here, and with all of you, was a natural continuation of who I am as a person.
I really miss all of your wisdom, sense of peace, and gentle guidance. Prayers for a happy and healthy year ahead.
Hope we can continue to post here to you indefinitely. We all need someone to talk to, Mari-Ann

Mari-Ann Alexander

This is great that you

This is great that you have offered this link. I have had the rare privilege and honor of working with and knowing many of our Daughters of Charity. Their mission has been a true inspiration during my years of service. Each one that I worked and interacted with gave me inspiration to ensure that I displayed their mission and values throughout each day and each year I have worked .. Among those some I have had the privilege of working with have been Sister. Beatrice, Sister. Mary Anne, Sr. Sister. Joan, Sister Jean and I even had the honor of meeting and working with Sr. Philomena for a short time. Our patients were always so happy to see them throughout the halls and told me if gave them a feeling of hope and that God was truly with them during their illness and time spent with us.

Again what an honor it has been to serve.

Debbie Engstrom

Thank you for the inspiration

Thank you for the inspiration you provide our organization, associates, patients and community. You change and impact lives.

Miguel Romano

Thank you for everything you

Thank you for everything you have done for Central Texas and our communities as a whole. Your dedication to the mission and unwavering faith and service have truly changed our world. We miss you and pray for you.

Ashley Wilson

Thank you so much for

Thank you so much for the continued support of our cherished Daughters of Charity. Without their legacy and continued involvement and guidance, Ascension Texas wouldn’t have the bright future it does!

Lauren Baker